VIPS are Volunteers in Public Schools is HISD.  Each year, thousands of parents, students and community partners support HISD students and teachers by volunteering their time.


If you are interested in volunteering at Horn – in any capacity – and you haven’t already registered for VIPS, please do so.  Anybody who wants to volunteer at an HISD school must have a background check performed every school year.  After creating or verifying your VIPS account, please take your drivers license up to the front office and have Ms. Keller make a copy.   The background check can take 2-3 weeks.

Click HERE to access the HISD VIPS website to create a new VIPS account (new volunteer) or confirm an existing account (returning HISD volunteers)


We have so many different volunteer opportunities at Horn.  Please click on the attached VIPS Sign-up form to view your options.  Print out (2 pages) and return this form to the front office so we can forward your information to the appropriate committee chair and get you working.

Click HERE to access and print the Volunteer Sign-up Form

If you have any questions about the VIPS registration process or background checks, please contact Donna Keller at the front office:  If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact the VIPS chair at Remember, our students and teachers benefit when we all volunteer!